Footloose and child free – once a week

So here I am, a working mother of two, the second of which has just started school, leaving me with… gasp! The luxury!… a whole day a week ‘to myself’. What will I do, I’ve been asked, now I’ve got all this time? Those gapingly empty hours between about 9am and 3pm, once school runs have been taken into account.

What does any woman do in this situation? Write a list of course. Here’s my current to-do list for all those child-free hours (six a week – count ’em!).

  • Get fit.
  • Cook hearty stews to feed us all week.
  • Sort through everyone’s clothes. All those age 2-3 tops cluttering up the drawers will have to go.
  • Clear out all the kitchen cupboards. The tide of tupperware is threatening to engulf us all.
  • Review all the family finances – because that’s what grown-ups are supposed to do.
  • Write a blog. Ahem.

In my head, of course, all of this will get done with, as I keep being reminded ‘all that spare time’. In reality, of course, what I have actually managed to achieve with my weekly day of freedom so far has been several loads of laundry, quite a lot of dishwasher emptying and filling, lots of surface-wiping and more time than I would admit to pootling around on the interweb. It’s possible I am close to achieving the last point on my list. But guess what? It’s nearly school pick up time again. Blogging, like just about everything else, will have to wait.


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